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Frequently Asked Questions

About the EsopredictTM test

Where can I get the EsopredictTM test?

EsopredictTM is only available through a licensed healthcare provider.

My gastroenterologist ordered the EsopredictTM test. What happens next?

A sample of tissue from your esophagus is analyzed at our lab and a results report is generated that your gastroenterologist will use to help guide next steps with treatment of your Barrett’s esophagus.

What is EsopredictTM?

EsopredictTM is an effective option for predicting whether your Barrett’s esophagus will turn into esophageal cancer.

How often will I need to be tested with EsopredictTM?

You should only need to be tested as often as your gastroenterologist determines is necessary to help manage your Barrett’s esophagus.


How do I get my EsopredictTM test results?

Your results will be delivered securely to your gastroenterologist for review.

What does my EsoscoreTM result mean?

The EsoscoreTM report tells your gastroenterologist whether you have a Low, Unfavorable Intermediate, Favorable Intermediate, or High Risk of developing esophageal cancer. With this information, your provider can talk with you about next steps related to medication, endoscopy, or surgical methods of Barrett’s esophagus treatment.

About Insurance and Billing

Is EsopredictTM covered by insurance?

We are working with all types of insurers to seek coverage and in-network reimbursement for EsopredictTM and to minimize barriers to access for any person who needs it.

How much will I have to pay out of pocket for EsopredictTM?

It can be difficult to know how much your out-of-pocket costs might be because it depends on whether you have insurance or if your insurance covers all or a portion of the test cost.

If you receive a bill for the EsopredictTM test and have questions or need to make a payment, please contact our Billing Customer Service team at 800-275-6011. We are here to help, and we offer flexible payment plans.

What if I can’t pay for the EsopredictTM test all at once?

Call our Billing Customer Service team to learn more about our flexible payment plans.

Ordering EsopredictTM test

Where can I get the EsopredictTM test?

Talk to your gastroenterologist about whether the EsopredictTM test may be right for you. Download our Patient Brochure and a copy of the EsopredictTM Test Requisition Form to share with your provider at your next office visit.

How does my gastroenterologist order the EsopredictTM test?

Your gastroenterologist can order the EsopredictTM test by filling out the Test Requisition Form found in the Resources section of our website and emailing or faxing the form to our lab for processing.