Information for Patients

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What is the Esopredict™ test?

EsopredictTM analyzes changes in your DNA that may help your gastroenterologist predict wether your Barrett’s esophagus will progress to esophageal cancer in the future.

Adding EsopredictTM to your Barrett’s esophagus surveillance may help your provider guide next steps with treatment.

How does EsopredictTM work?


A tiny tissue sample is gathered when your gastroenerologist performs an upper endoscopy to look at your esophagus.


If you are diagnosed with Barrett’s esophagus, your gastroenerologist may order the EsopredictTM test and send the tissue sample to our lab for analysis.

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We will share the EsoscoreTM result with your gastroenerologist that is used to help guide ongoing treatment of your Barrett’s esophagus.